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Fourteen youngsters from the Cumberland County Parks and Recreation Department’s self defense program participated in their first karate tournament recently, and all placed.  Sponsored by the San Kil Tang Soo Do Association, the event included participants from six states.  Rosalyn Sibaja, a red belt, completed in the black belt division and took fourth place in kumite and kata.  Warren Crowder won first place in kumite and kata.  Benjamin Robinson finished first in the black belt division of kumite.  Brandon Carter, who was recently promoted to black belt, placed second in kata and kumite.  Casey Botello finished first in kata.  Bobby Stens took third place in kumite.  Lauren Winn earned third place in kata.

About mta karate academy

The MTA Karate Academy
Fayetteville, NC 28314

The MTA Karate Academy specializes at teaching a carefully structured Martial Arts Training program that is designed to accommodate both beginners and advanced students, young and old. We employ a serious yet enjoyable approach to our study of the traditional martial arts. The MTA program is designed to build self-discipline, self esteem, improve physical fitness, and build strong character. Our youth program also improves conduct and promotes academic achievement and general child development. Students entering the program can advance from beginner to Black Belt.

Kyo Sa Nim Garris is the senior for the MTA Karate Academy and holds the rank of !st degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and 2nd Degree Black in Tang Soo Do. Mr. Garris has also studied Ueichi Ryu and is the Chief Advisor for the Nintaikan Kobudo Kai. Mr. Garris is also the chairman of the board of directors of the San Kil Tang Soo Do Association, Inc. and The MTA Karate Academy is a Member School. Mr. Garris has taught Youth Self Defense for Cumberland County Parks and Recreation since 1996 and has
Produced 1 youth Black Belt and has several promising young students on track for Black Belt. The Academy has traditionally produced Black Belts of the Highest Caliber, whose martial arts expertise is recognized at home and abroad.

Our youth program places a great deal of emphasis on academic excellence and honors students that make the A-B honor roll by authorizing them to wear the Academic Achiever Badge. The Academy also has a Student of the Month program, A Black Belt Club and a SWAT (demo)team. The latter are open to students that excel in their study of the Martial Arts. Further, students at the Academy are not only trained in the Physical aspects of self-defense, but are also taught Korean terminology, history and culture and they are taught Tang Soo Do as a science which exposes the students, even the very young to a minimal amount of geometry and physics.

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